The Woodbridge Dog Park Cooperative was thrilled to be invited to participate in this fun-filled fundraiser for the Woodbridge Public Library on March 8 and 9. The ten-hole mini-golf course wound its way through all three levels of the library providing challenges, fun and lots of laughs for all ages and skill levels. Our 8th hole was designed by board member Ramie Ackley with an array of adorable stuffed dogs and dog-themed books lining the fairway and a red-painted dog house built by fellow board member Brenden Fimian challenging golfers to get their balls through the doggie door. State Representative George Logan and First Selectman Beth Heller and her husband Allen all tried for a hole-in-one, while several toddlers were more interested in hugging the furry friends.
This was a tremendous community event and we look forward to being involved in future years.