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We set out to create a safe and clean community park where humans and canines could socialize in the center of town. In 2018 the town of Woodbridge granted us use of a beautiful flat section of the 139-acre town-owned Fitzgerald Property – part of the Town Center Campus.

Since the town advised that no town funds would be used to create or maintain the dog park, we set out to raise the $70,000 needed to construct the park. We obtained our 501(c)(3) non-profit designation as The Woodbridge Dog Park Cooperative, and in one year raised the funds necessary to begin construction. In December of 2019 we proudly opened the gates to our fully fenced-in dog park. Based on extensive research we made sure that our park offers current safety features – including an enclosed entrance foyer for leashing and unleashing dogs and a separate area for smaller, older or less active dogs.

We continued to raise funds to add safety measures and creature comforts. To welcome those with mobility challenges, we extended the stable surface leading from the parking lot down a wide walkway into the entry foyer and through a 10′ section in the main dog area, which also includes an accessible bench framed by a raised garden and a shade tree.

Through generous donations we have been able to plant 16 mature trees and install 10 dedicated benches. This spring we hope to do some additional landscaping.

During the pandemic, the dog park has provided a much-needed safe place for people and dogs to hang out – with masks and social distancing observed by the humans.

Volunteers are the heart of our dog park cooperative and they work hard to keep it safe and clean – and friendly.

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