About Us

About Us

The Woodbridge Dog Park Cooperative (WDPC) is an all-volunteer group of residents who have been walking our dogs at the Fitzgerald Fields for years. Many of us had recently adopted rescue mutts who required a lot more exercise than we could provide, so we began surveying other dog owners about the merits of establishing an off-leash dog park in our Town that would not only provide a safe, fenced-in area for our dogs to run and play, but would also foster socialization for canines and their humans. 

The “Fitzgerald Four”: Deena Myers, Ramie Ackley, Michelle Ditzian and Bonnie Blake approached our newly elected First Selectman, Beth Heller, who agreed that the time had come for our town to have a dog park. Beth and her administration worked with us to evaluate potential sites, while the WDPC conducted extensive research on best practices for dog park creation and management and evaluated numerous dog parks around the state.  

A year later, in August 2018, the Town approved the creation of a 1.5-acre dog park on the most favored site: the Fitzgerald Property.  We immediately elected officers and a board of directors, established our Bylaws and Rules of Use, and filed for official non-profit status. 

We are a 501c3 and 100% of funds collected will go towards the construction and maintenance of the dog park.

Dog Statistics

Source: 2017-2018 APPA National Pet Owner Survey

Percent of American households included at least one dog in 2017

Million U.S. Households Own a Dog

Billion Dollars Spent in 2017 Pet Industry Expenditures

Percent of Dogs Sleep with Owners

Million Dogs Go on Vacation with Owners

Our mission

The mission of the Cooperative is to establish, manage, and maintain an off-leash dog park in order to provide a safe and welcoming area to build community among people, promote responsible dog ownership, and foster healthy dog exercise and socialization.

The Cooperative is committed to the following goals:


· Fundraise sufficient capital to complete the installation of the dog park and continue fundraising to provide for ongoing maintenance and improvements.


Foster a welcoming volunteer environment to encourage participation in work days, fundraising, and social events.


Provide information about responsible dog ownership and dog park etiquette.


Work closely with other community groups and town government to ensure the success of the dog park.


Foster communication and cooperation among dog owners.


Maintain a beautiful, clean, safe environment.


Respond to suggestions and complaints in a timely manner.

Board of Directors

Melissa Federico


Joseph Giulietti


Jeanette Glicksman


Nicole Graas


Laurence Grotheer


Jessica Hoffmann


Karin King

Vice President

Jack Nork


Benjamin Silvert


John C. Womer


Mary Beth Womer