Our First Event: PUPkin Fest

Our First Event: The First Annual Great PUPkin Fest was a huge success. As part of the Town’s month-long Fallapalooza, the PUPkin Fest was held on the Woodbridge Green on a fine fall day and brought together friends and neighbors and lots of happy kids and dogs for a day filled with fun, games, food, and puppy kisses.

Proud dog owners paraded their creatively-costumed pooches before our team of illustrious judges: First Selectman Beth Heller; Police Chief Frank Cappiello; and District Animal Control Officer Karen Lombardi. We saw a tiny dog masquerading as a spider, medium dogs passing as dinosaurs or sporting a back full of Slinkys, a large dog showing her wild side as a fierce lion, plus dogs dressed as Chia pets, tacos and a Puppacino. There are so many really creative dog owners in town! Special thanks to these three community leaders for supporting the Dog Park and ensuring that everyone felt like a winner, despite the stiff competition!

Orange Police Officer Chris Brown put on an amazing show with his CT Olympic-winning K-9, Loki, a beautiful Shepherd, leaving many of us to wish he could teach our pups a few tricks. We’re grateful that Chris is ready to return next year. Local businesses showed their support for our dog park by providing information, gifts, pedicures and by reinforcing our message of responsible dog ownership.

The Kissing Booths were a huge success thanks to the creative designs by local Brownie Troop 60241 and Girl Scout Troop 65 and our cute pups Whammo and Louie.

While their humans got their faces painted and enjoyed great food at the Fire Dog and Four Flours food trucks, canines performed tricks for their treats and lapped up PUPkin Lattes.

We are already planning our next PUPkin Fest for Fall 2019– which will be even bigger and better with your help!

A special thanks to the Woodbridge Board of Selectmen for permitting us to use the Town Green for this event, Betsy Yagla for helping us to navigate the process and promote our event through the Fallapalooza website, Woodbridge Rec for the tables and chairs, and a great big shout out to Mark, the custodian for the event.